About Us

About Us

Specialized in producing and designing innovative technological solutions

Rotoinox is an engineering and manufacturing company specialized in producing and designing innovative technological solutions and high-quality products for the pharmaceutical, chemical and biotechnological industries.

Over a proven track record of 38 years we have designed, manufactured, and commissioned many of the most ambitious European projects and set standards in the industry at every level. From a small family-owned business we have grown into an international company that today provides innovative solutions for the largest pharmaceutical corporations worldwide.

Having served the industry for the past three decades we are well known for our flexibility, innovative thinking and fairness.

Offering a complete range of services to meet customer’s needs

We devote great emphasis on rapid response and effective communication and all the way through offer a complete range of services to meet customer’s needs from Project Management, Design, Manufacturing, Health & Safety to Start-up and after-sales support.

As a company we are committed to a reliable partnership that puts people and valuable relationship first.

With deliberate use of our experience, knowledge and skills we respond to all key challenges and provide reliable solutions for them.

Company services at a glance

  • Engineering uniform solutions in accordance with customers requests.
  • Manufacturing high quality products in high alloy materials.
  • Providing the best welding solutions.
  • Implementing meticulous surface treatment.
  • Providing standardized and on-going quality control.
  • Offering innovative solutions for Vessel Cleanability.

Our commitment

Reliable partnership
We understand the needs of our customers and are committed to a reliable partnerships that puts people and valuable relationship first.

Innovative solutions for complex challenges
We have a passion and expertise that drives us to find the best answers and solutions to the challenges we face.

Innovative thinking
We are a innately innovative, flexible and responsive company that is adept at finding alternative possibilities and ensuring our customers get the best solutions possible.


In the late 1970s Miran Pavsic, a young engineer from Slovenia with a genuine passion for work and a vision to create innovative solutions that would make people’s lives easier, opened a small tool workshop together with his devoted wife Magda, an experienced management accountant. Over the years their know-how and experience grew, along with their vision. Their innovative solutions in designing and manufacturing stainless steel equipment attracted many prominent clients, and also encouraged some of the best engineers from the region to become part of the team.

In less than two decades the workshop grew into a respectable and renewable company, so Mr Pavsic, together with his management team, decided to extend the manufacturing programme and start designing products for the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

In the first decade of this century, the company reached several major milestones. It became ISO 9001 certified and obtained many other quality certificates that prove their commitment to provide high-quality products and services. The company was taken over by the second generation of the family, bringing a fresh new vision to management and melding their new ideas with the long tradition and considerable know-how of Rotoinox.

In 2011 Rotoinox decided to expand its sales to foreign markets; this remains their main focus. Over the last decade the company has designed, manufactured and commissioned many of highly ambitious European projects and has set industry standards at every level.

The company has stayed true to its core commitment throughout: to provide high quality, innovative solutions and ensure reliable partnerships that put people and business relationships first.