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With our understanding of specific processes, a reliable and effective process engineering system and a long track record of expertise in the field, Rotoinox offers high quality solutions with a long-life span.


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Chemical industry

The chemical industry produces essential components that have allowed the modern world to achieve today’s high standards.

The process and products that are made in this sector are extremely complex and sensitive, and require safe, fast and efficient solutions.

At Rotoinox we offer reliable and innovative solutions for complete process plants and systems such as chemical reactors, process vessels, filter units, IBC Containers and process systems.

Pharmaceutical industry

The pharmaceutical industry has made a great deal of progress over the last decade due to a research-oriented approach that has improved technologies, developed infrastructure and increased research in the field of production.

In depth knowledge in all disciplines of process engineering and extensive experience in producing process units for the healthcare industry form the basis for the successful use of Rotoinox technology in the pharmaceutical industry.

Biopharmaceutical industry

Biopharmaceuticals are among the most sophisticated achievements of modern society and a key technology of the 21st century. Yet this industry faces great operational and technological challenges. Reproducing large molecules reliably at an industrial scale requires great manufacturing capabilities.

To achieve a successful scale-up from lab to production scale, we offer our comprehensive know-how in developing reliable and innovative products such as process vessels, filter units and process systems, all in close cooperation with the client.

Cosmetic industry

The delicate structure of the products in the cosmetic industry requires custom-made equipment solutions that consider their sensitivity when heating, cooling or mixing them.

By having engineering, production, and quality control in-house, we can supervise quality to the greatest extent possible and guarantee solutions that satisfy the most stringent requirements in the cosmetic sector.


With a wide range of services, we design and produce advanced solutions that are safe, reliable and provide customers with a significant competitive advantage.

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